Time is TBD | Three keys to resolving anxiety

Three keys to resolving anxiety

This is an amazing opportunity to understand how you can learn to overcome anxiety in three easy steps
Three keys to resolving anxiety

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Time is TBD
Three keys to resolving anxiety

About the Event

Understanding how I help clients shift their anxiety story through hypnotic conversation body language and breath work. 

Meredith McCarthy is a life coach and a clinical Hypnotherapist and a trainer for the New Zealand school for professional hypnotherapists. Meredith has been working with clients for 26 years and has see an increase in clients suffering from anxiety. 

Meredith has developed a very simple process that helps her clients overcome negative thinking and phobias that have been adding to their anxiety. 

If you are keen to understand the science behind the stress response and how to help your brain switched back to the parasympathetic nervous system quickly and easily and understand how important body language is to the hormonal system mind set. If you are curious about the hypnotic mind and how you can understanding the power of suggestions and help yourself rewrite your story, then this is a presentation that is worth  adding to your diary. Meredith will open to a Q & I at the end of her presentation where she will share her process with you all. 

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