Mind training workshops/0nline

The main purpose for starting these mind training workshops was seeing a need for a better approach to effective communication, reducing stress and anxiety within the workplace.

These are just some of the mind training workshops that you can choose from. I am happy to custom design your mind training workshop, which will help to incubate positive holistic environment. This will be a workshop to meet your business needs.

Tapping into your creativity 3 to 6 hour fun workshop

  • Guided meditation

  • Some personal growth exercises and games that involve; play dough, improvisation, creating your circle of excellence using NLP

  • Tapping into your inner creative genius

  • Creating flow stats

Stress management in the workplace online tools and strategies
  • Understanding what stress is and how it affects us (talking about turning off the adrenal stress response)

  • Turning stress into a positive

  •  Identifying stressful thinking and behaviors

  • Creating some thinking about how staff can deal with stress using mindfulness meditation

  • Helping the client to self-realise (so you don’t take their issues on board as your responsibility)

  • Dealing with emotional stress


Communication wellness 6 hour training online over 6 weeks

Topics to be covered:

  • What is NLP?

  • Communication styles

  • How to understand ourselves and the world around us better

  • Core counselling / listening skills

  • Being an effective listener

  • Re-framing

  • Reflective listening

  • How to ask effective questions to help create rapport

  • Staying away from problem solving and letting the other person own their issue

  • Stress management

  • Understanding what stress is and how it affects us (talking about turning off the adrenal stress response)

  • Turning stress into a positive

  • Identifying stressful thinking and behaviors

  • Creating some thinking about how they can deal with stress using mindfulness meditation

  • Helping the client to self-realise (so you don’t take their issue on board)

  • Dealing with emotional stress

  • Downloadable online resources

  • Mp3's of each study session

NLP training and MI (Motivational interveiwing) skills for managers working with teams 20 hours training

This can be set up one to one, or with a small group of no more than 10 people.


Each topic will help you understand the best way to communicate with your team both one-on-one, and in group meetings. I can teach you the importance of body language and being an effective leader by understanding the power of asking the right questions and being able to get others to have more confidence in you as a leader.


Topics to be covered:


  • Creating the circle of excellence

  • Creating powerful questions and suggestions 

  • Tools for changing behaviours: Timeline, future pacing, stepping stones etc.

  • NLP communication model

  • Sub modalities of the representational systems

  • Meta models

  • Pattern interrupt

  • NLP state versus goal

  • Swish

  • Like to dislike

  • Creating anchors

  • Creating resourceful states

Mindfulness meditation 4-hour workshop

You will experience a guided meditation that is about 25 minutes long. We start with an introduction to each topic. There is plenty of opportunity to ask questions too.

  • Talking about Mindful practice in daily life and then a 25min guided meditation using mindfulness.

  • Covering the foundations of good meditation and then a 25min guided breath meditation.

  • How mindfulness meditation practice can reduce anxiety followed by a 25min guided mindfulness meditation exercise.

Talking about healing though sound meditation then followed with 25min sound mindfulness meditation using Tibetan singing bowls.


Mastering mindfulness 7-hour workshop

Topics to be covered:


  • Positive self-talk, taking advantage of each moment

  • How to manage stressful thinking

  • Taming the inner mind

  • Transform the way you live and perceive your reality

  • Basic yoga for stress relief and adrenal support

  • How to eliminate stress eating


Everyone will receive a Mastering Mindfulness CD to take home and enjoy, which has 2 guided meditations to help you reinforce what you have learned during the day.This is your opportunity to understand the art of mindfulness thinking and learn tools that can help you live a more peaceful and balanced life. Learning to live mindfully helps to reduce stress and anxiety naturally.



Manifest your dreams 7-hour workshop

Understand the Law Of Attraction. These classes can help you to build clarity and confidence within yourself, and master your mind-set, so that you begin living the life you want. Learn how to use these 6 powerful strategies to help you to master your mind-set and manifest your dreams:

  • Identifying areas that need your attention

  • Prioritising what you want

  • Manifesting your dreams creating a vision board, mind map and timeline

  • Exploring your mind-set and limiting beliefs

  • Understanding your emotional flags; the moments in your life that define you

  • Empower yourself by learning self-hypnosis and meditation that helps you to clear mental and emotional blocks and reinforce positive change


Learn 6 powerful steps that can make a difference in the way you feel within yourself. I noticed that many of my clients had watched the DVD "The Secret" and still found that they were struggling with manifesting the life that they wanted. So I have put together some simple steps, that will help you gain a better understanding and clarity on what you really want to achieve, and then working out the small steps that you can make which would help you to manifest your dreams. This is your chance to learn some amazing tools that will reward you for life.

Pathway to peace weekend retreats

This weekend retreat, A Pathway to Peace will help you learn the art of relaxation through meditation and hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is a state that allows you to tap into your own power so that you can use your imagination in a positive and productive way.

Over the weekend you will be introduced to 4 different styles of meditation. Hypnotherapy will be explained and demonstrated, using waking suggestion to guide you through the power of positive intention.


Meditation can give you a greater awareness of yourself and the world around you, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready for life. Anyone can benefit when they take time out to get thoughtful about what they want, and then begin to take action.

These tools can reinforce the positive changes that you may decide to make in your life.


It is important to bring balance into the busyness of life and begin to slow down. As we slow down physically we can then listen to the inner wisdom that is there to help guide us through this life.

Good meditation practice is a great gift that will keep giving back to you.

The retreats starts on the Friday evening 6pm and finish Sunday afternoon 2pm, so you have plenty of time to travel back and prepare yourself for the week.


  • The food that is supplied is vegetarian. This can be changed if you require.

  • Please note that no alcohol is permitted on these weekends.


Stress-less classes at your work...
Here is your chance to form a group at your workplace.
  • Learn to reduce your stress and feel more balanced.

  • Learn these foundation tools that are used by millions throughout the world, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Create a retreat space at work. All you need to do is gather together your work mates, and I can come to you.


Stress less classes
Reiki healing

*Disclaimer: Please note that the results may vary from person to person.

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