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Phobias and how they effect our judgment

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Many people come seeking help to overcome a phobias using hypnotherapy, they may have been the growing this phobia for a number of years, and realise that they are avoiding things and not fully living and have had enough. Whether it is a fear of flying, or a fear of spiders, to the person who has been experiencing it, it can be debilitating. I have had a number of different clients telling me stories of times where they had a big trip overseas planned, but never made it on the plane because their fear got too much, and they ended up having a full blown panic attack and driving away from the airport defeated. What I have learnt over the years, is that what can take many years to build can be resolved by understanding how they created the fear in their minds in the first place. Everyone has an imagination, and everyone has the ability to use their mind in a negative or positive way. Often the seemly insentient thoughts get way out of control.  Taming this inner mind monster is what I enjoy doing best! Here is a simple strategy, I invite you to have a look at the story that you might be accidentally reinforcing every time you get triggered. Play a game with your imagination, start to think of the new story you would like to have instead. When you do think about the doing script, rather than the I hope I don't script, reinforcing the new belief, the new behavior and the new emotions that you are ready to feel. Make sure you start putting your old story that you no longer want in past tense. Let me know how you go! Online bookings with Meredith

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