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Reiki level 3 training


Reiki 3rd Degree Master Training

Please contact me when you are ready to start.


Each Reiki master level student meets with me as a one on one meeting to start this is usually an afternoon or morning and we can assess what needs to be covered for their master level. I prefer to go over the first degree and second degree materials that I teach and invite each Reiki master student to attend these training's and also participate in the attunments for each level as part of their training. They receive a copy of all the manuals that I give to my students and this information can be used or adapted for their students once they complete their master level training. Depending on each students time table completing the master level training can take between six months to one year. They will need to demonstrate that they can teach all levels of Reiki and remember all attunments for each level.

If this sounds like you are ready for this training I would like to reassure you that I will still be there as a support person if you need help with any of your students in the future. If you are keen to sign up to become a Reiki master/teacher then please contact me. I am also happy for my students to set up a payment plan to make it more achievable.


$1200 incs GST


    If you cancel your booking with Meredith less than 24 hours before any class there will be no refund of your class fee. If you give more than 24 hours notice Meredith will refund 50% of the class cost if you have paid in advance. Please be aware that Meredith does not refund anyone who has attended any workshops or classes. When you make a booking with Meredith you are agreeing that you will pay Meredith the full cost of that advertised class.