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Stress and anxiety support


I see many people who are suffering from stress that creates anxiety and depression. What I have noticed over the years is an increase in anxiety and depressive disorders. I would like to share with you some useful information on the stress response. Our body is very clever and when we are going through stress we will feel our body respond with an increase in our heart rate feeling sweating or feeling like we need to run to the loo. So many of my clients come in complaining of IBS (irritable bowl syndrome) or insomnia (unable to sleep) or their constantly feeling exhausted or suffering from migraines and getting angry and upset all the time or just don't know how they can face the world due to depression and burn out.

When we get an anxiety attack it is usually due to a build up of stress and what I often teach people to how to use a number of tools like breathing, body language and training the mind how to deal with the stress in better ways.

We have both a sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is our stress response system this is the fight, flight, freeze response where our limbic brain is in the drivers seat of our reactions, this is the part of our brain that is not language driven, it is driven by our emotions. That means we can often find ourselves reacting to stress in a way that is not very logical.

Our parasympathetic nervous system is what we call our rest and digest system. It is the best system to have if we would like our logical and creative, universal hemispheres of the brain to be in the drivers seat of our reactions.

In short we need to consider how we are filtering the situation through the mood filter of the mind. If we go into a situation already worried that things aren't going turn out well, then we will more likely meet that expectation. Because while we are dress rehearsing disaster we are also releasing stress hormones and this adds to the build up of stress and tension and nothing has even happen in the real world yet we are already reaction as if our fears were actually being realised,  our mind naturally distorts , deletes and generalise the information that we are receiving through our five senses. So we need to get into the habit of showing our inner mind success. This is a big part of what I offer when helping people to tame their mind monster.

Please have a listen to my video on how to breath in a diaphragmatic way to help switch off the stress response and switch on the relaxation response.

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