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Meredith McCarthy NZ Artist


Meredith McCarthy NZ Artist gallery
Solo Art Exhibition From the Darkness into the light 2022

For this exhibition Meredith invites people to consider the lotus flower or water lily as a metaphor, coming into the light from the darkness of the muddy pond. We are all experiencing the effects of a global pandemic, climate change and global conflicts, we are all having a shared experience of the effects of anxiety and now we need to come together. Nature teachers us how it is possible to find our own inner light so we can channel hope for all humanity. Feel the positive and uplifting experience of Meredith’s water Lilly paintings.

About Meredith McCarthy, New Zealand artist

In 1995 Meredith held her first exhibition in Wellington called ‘Extending universe new planet’ which was a number of oil paintings exploring and playing with symbolism, perspective and colour to tell a story of fertility and creation. 

Over the years she has continued to work on different themes ranging from flowers and clouds to New Zealand landscapes. After switching to acrylic paints in 2013, she has had fun exploring this medium, which is fast drying compared to oils. 

For a number of years starting in the late 90’s, Meredith created regular art installations for jewellery designer Hanna Anderson’s central Wellington jewellery store. Customers were attracted to the store with fantastical themes and scenes - from jellybean men climbing ladders or sitting in swings and Champagne glasses, to handmade teddybears of all varieties, to underwater worlds and unique origami displays.

Meredith has also exhibited at the NZ Academy of Fine Arts in Wellington. Her last solo exhibition the dance of light, was in 2019 at the Huia Gallery.

I am a New Zealand Artist and I enjoy the beauty of nature and the colors and light that different spaces capture. I also enjoy running creative retreats for people who would like to tap into their creative selves.

I also loved creating things when I was started sewing from the age of four,  I was busting to create the beautiful dresses that I saw in the old movies. When it came to school I would hang out in the art room or pottery shed, that has always been a comfort to me to expresses and create through any medium. Studying art history open my mind to the world of possibility's.

When I was about seven years old I remember my grandmother taking me to the Auckland art gallery in the holidays and I would be mesmerised by all the incredible art. It only feed my hunger to continue my interest in this area.

When I was sixteen my parents payed for me to do a two week fabric dying workshop, this is where got to pick up valuable skills, play and create using every style of printing and working with cotton and silk. I know this two week experience was a big influence in how I run my creative retreats. We did daily meditations and group exercises that help us to tap into our own creative power and that was so powerful for me this was the first moment that I realised that others no matter how old they were had confidence issues I wasn't the only one! In a wonderful way this was the first time I felt normal .

I had my first solo exhibition in 1995, then got married and had two children, I kept up with my love of creating things from scratch and had the opportunity to create displays for Hanna Anderson's a Jewellery store for over seven years. Every two months I would create art installations to help bring customers into the shop. I really enjoyed the impermanence of it.

I am a member of the New Zealand fine arts academy and show some of my paintings there.

I have continued painting over the years. So if you wish to come and view a painting please feel free to contact me to arrange this. I am also happy to do commissions.

24 Johnston Street,

Level 4,


If you would like to buy an original painting please note that shipping costs may very due to the size and the weight of the painting. Prints and commissions are also available on request.

If you are interested in buying a painting please email me

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