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The Art of Optimism Ltd

Meredith has been a first class trainer for our school.  She brings a wealth of experience, passion and kindness to her work.  Her impact on others is extremely powerful and nurturing.

Meredith also has very strong business skills and manages to combine this wonderfully with a healing and empowering mindset.

We would recommend Meredith unreservedly as a brilliant trainer, facilitator and mentor.



Attended a workshop

"Meeting Meredith enlightened a wonderful desire to learn and become confident in doing so. Her pool of knowledge about our mysterious yet fascinating beings allowed me to prosper, land and balance all in the safety and security of her humble work space.


I would highly recommended her to anyone wishing to embark on a beautiful journey to connect mind body & spirit."

Corporate Clients


Les Mills Hutt City and Wellington is a state of the art facility filled with equipment and programs to deliver a-m-a-z-i-n-g fitness experiences.

Feed Back

"I have known Meredith for a few months now during my hypnotherapy training journey.  I find her to be very generous in sharing her experiences and genuine in her desire to see us all succeed.  She is authentic and direct, illustrating her teachings with personal experience and stories.  Meredith is excellent at explaining and demonstrating hypnotherapy techniques and I find her an engaging presenter.  It is very reassuring – and inspiring -  having such an experienced practitioner as a teacher and mentor"


"I came to Meredith to stop smoking - and ended up with so much more. Smoking was a big deal in my life, and with Meredith's help being able to stop smoking turned out to be easy. What Meredith also gave me was happiness - the indescribable happiness of good things happening every day, no matter what!"  My genuine thanks to you. The change in my attitude and happiness levels have been very noticeable to my workmates, and I find myself smiling - just because!



Feedback from the Manifest your Dreams one day workshop

"Time spent with Meredith ensures that I focus and grow as a person, concentrating on areas of my life that need attention. Thanks for providing the tools and support to help me continue on my journey"


"Thank's for an inspiring day Meredith I feel excited about what you taught and the way it opens eyes to the wonderful opportunities and experiences available to us if we know how to tap into them."


"The course far exceeded my initial thoughts on the practicality front.  I'm better equipped to plan goals in all aspects of my life now."


" I had felt as if I was just going through the motions of life without really living. I was waiting for 'something' that would feel like I was 'living.' From your sessions I realise I am living and just by taking the time to acknowledge myself and the world around me in a positive way I get to feel the experience of now rather than living for that elusive 'something.'


'Well I did finish my marathon and did it in 4 hours and 24 minutes which I was extremely happy with!

It was '4 something' as we had talked about planned during our hypnotherapy sessions. : )  Positive self-talk is what kept me going. There were times I had to keep saying 'yes' to myself with every step as the marathon became more and more challenging - the weather turned hotter and the course became hillier in the second half of the race. I think it was 98% percent my positive self talk on the day that got me through! Thank you very much for everything!!



'The hypnotherapy sessions you did with me last year were very helpful. I ended up getting a first class honors for my degree and I feel like without your help I couldn't have done it. Thanks again.'

Kim Dobson

'Meredith helped me through the process of becoming smoke free and I've been smoke free for a little under a year now. I'd tried various methods over the years but hypnotherapy has been successful. I wasn't sure what to expect but Meredith made me feel relaxed and comfortable talking me through every step. She help me retraining my mind to kick a habit of 10 years. I'd recommend her to anyone if they were ready to quit smoking.  Can't believe it's almost a year!! Thanks again for you help.'



'Just thought I'd let you know that my presentation could not have gone any better yesterday. I had no nervous energy what so ever and was completely relaxed before and during my presentation. I started loud and clear and during my intro made a joke that had everyone laughing. I walked around and used hand gestures as I spoke. I even mingled and started conversation with different advisers during the break. All of this is exactly what I had visualised. I was definitely that 10. So thanks heaps.'



'I want to send you all my special thanks for your help in aiding me to become a non smoker. After a few failed attempts over the years and a relapse after 2 years of not smoking I feel confident that I am now a non smoker for life. Your approach, techniques and tools worked so well for me, especially the recording of each session which gave me the added support during those weaker moments in-between sessions.


Your passion for helping people in so many different ways is truly inspirational, I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with you and will recommend you to all my friends, you're one in a million, thank you so much.'


'I've spent a vary large portion of my life in a roller coaster attempt to loose weight due to a weakness for food, and before I saw Meredith, it was consuming me. She helped me to re-focus my mind and my life with positive 'reference points', taking my attention away from destructive eating habits and re-focusing it on what is important in my life and what makes me happy. Now, not only do I have control over the negative behavior surrounding my eating, but I have more time and energy for the positive activities that are enriching my life. It is a wonderful feeling that can only be explained by experiencing it yourself and I am forever appreciative.'


'Wow! You are an amazing gift to many!  Thank you so much for helping me to understand my thoughts, to help me to see my direction in life and to confirm to me my values that drive me. You have brought much clarity to my life and have helped me through some challenging times. Meditating is so much easier now that I can be guided through it with your voice. The experiences I have had with this have been very empowering. I am truly grateful. Thank You!'
Sarona Hawkins

'Thanks so much for an awesome weekend everything was done well. Meredith I could listen to you all day. I will take steps to achieve the techniques that you have taught, and I know I will come again.'
Mary Hiroki

'What a wonderful inspiring weekend Meredith. Thanks for all your stories- they are helpful. Now I will learn all the meditation techniques you have taught and learn to remain calm.'
Katie Krivan

'Thank you for a second opportunity to join a retreat at Raumati. I was delighted to have another opportunity to meet some awesome people, I have the privilege to share experiences as well as re connect with Meredith and Paula to learn some more skills to use on my spiritual journey.'
Joan Robertshawe

'Many , many thanks, I have enjoyed the weekend, keep up the good work, touch many souls, help others to find there self, may your wisdom, and knowledge fill the world, so one day many will know of you and speak of your great work Love and light.'
Sue Nicholson

'Thank you so much Meredith for this beautiful peaceful and calming time you helped me experience your way of seeing meditation and teaching it is so unique and inspirational. I am so looking forward to keeping in touch. Love and Peace to you always.'


'Thank you for the opportunity to join the group at Castle point this weekend. I found it a very enriching experience which fed my soul. The balance of teaching, sharing, reflecting, nourishing mind/ body/ soul and resting was in line with my hope for the time away.'