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Mind techniques and tools

I use mind techniques to improve productivity through one on one executive coaching and group facilitation, helping to share tools that create positive work cultures. I use NLP, CBT, MI, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Meditation (see below) to help guide people through positive change. Over the years I have been approached by managers and CEO's to help their staff learn more effective ways of communicating.  Some of my executive clients were having issues around stress and anxiety in the workplace, and wanted to help their staff learn healthy ways of dealing with these. I found that with my background I could easily adapt my knowledge to share a number of mind techniques that help create necessary emotional breakthroughs.

Mind training workshops  
  • Tapping into your creativity: 3 to 6 hour fun workshop 

  • Stress management in the workplace

  • Communication wellness workshop: 6 hour workshop

  • NLP training and MI skills for managers. Working with teams, 20 hours training.



Why train with me?

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I have been helping people for over 28 years to overcome fears and build confidence, teaching people effective communication tools to empower not only themselves, but also others around them. I have been teaching mindfulness and other styles of meditation and running wellness retreats and workshops since 2007. I am also currently a trainer for The New Zealand School of Professional Hypnotherapy and I am passionate about teaching tools that can change lives, and promote harmony.

Training packages

I provide one to one training and support with managers and staff, which is usually off site. These training packages pull together key skills to help people understand the practical application of working with NLP within their work environment.


As a coach I use these tools on a daily basis to help people model success. What I love most about this approach is that it is essentially a humanistic and solution driven method that really gets results.


If you would like to know more about my approach Please have a good look around this website and contact me if you still have questions before committing to making a session. Contact me...


Executive Coaching

I use a number of tools to help coach people through identifying and resolving issues. This may include work related or personal issues. Here is a breakdown of some of these tools. Read more...

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What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP looks at how we run our emotional programs and how we are telling our story. Everyone experiences life through what I call ‘mood filters’, which can influence how we are making sense of our world. Through our 5 senses we distort and delete information. If we wish to adopt a more resourceful emotional program, we need to look at what has been influencing the story we have been telling ourselves, and what reality we have created for ourselves through telling and reinforcing that story.


Our story influences our decisions and actions.If we keep repeating undesirable behaviour and making decisions that are not helping us to achieve our desired outcomes, we need to be like a scientist and run a different experiment until we find a formula that works! We need to utilise our inner resources and adapt. To do this we may need support and guidance. NLP helps by firstly asking the right questions and getting that person to challenge the way they are telling their story, then helping that person resolve any conflicts and design the strategies that will help them to achieve their desired outcome.


There are four pillars of NLP


  • Having rapport: understanding how to build a trusting relationship with others and with ourselves.

  • Sensory awareness: tapping into all our senses and understanding how we can utilise these in an empowering way.

  • Outcome thinking: looking at what it is that we really want.

  • Behavioral flexibility: adapting like a scientist when what we’re currently doing isn’t working. Online bookings


What is Meditation?

Meditation is the key to training your inner mind to be in charge of your thoughts, and not have your thoughts in charge of you. Listen to some free meditations.

What is Hypnotherapy

What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Clinical Hypnotherapy is different to stage show hypnosis. We use hypnosis for therapeutic intervention. Hypnosis is actually a natural state that you go in and out of throughout your day. When you are daydreaming you slip into your inner world and you are able to tap into your imagination more easily. When you read a book, you are engaging a relaxed focused mind, which is also hypnotic. How many times have you read something that is made up, yet you experience it emotionally as if it were true? We do this all the time. When we watch a movie or a play, we are able to suspend disbelief for a moment and get lost in that moment, and often our sense of time disappears. At this stage our subconscious mind is very open to suggestion and new ideas. Most children live in a trance, in which neuron-plasticity helps them to learn and absorb information so well. We can also enter into a state of self-hypnosis, and use our inner genius to work out the solution to anything that we may have on our mind. Understanding the art of suggestion can be an advantage in managing teams. Often we need to be able to tell an emotionally compelling story that helps everyone to get on board. That is a tool that can be invaluable, and in my mind training workshops I have developed some exercises that will help leadership teams become more effective at the art of suggestion. The advertising industry was built on the back of understanding how important suggestion really is in creating a culture of wanting.

Life coaching

Life coaching / Hypno-coaching

This is where I use a combination of tools to help coach people through identifying and resolving issues. This may include work related or personal issues. We look at different areas of your life and do a review of what you want to achieve, address any areas that need attention and reinforce beliefs and strategies to promote a successful outcome. After this part of the session we then use hypnotherapy to reinforce that mindset to achieve your goals with ease. 

Psychologist Session

What is CBT?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is about looking at how someone is behaving and how he or she can put in place steps to understand undesirable behavior, and replace this with more desirable behavior. It is also important to note that you are not your behavior; you are just running a program of behavior, and you can learn to adjust it. Many of these behaviors may have been learned from the environment you grew up in, or adapted due to different work cultures.


Often we start by looking at other choices that we have available to us, and creating a plan that will help us to adopt more healthy behavior and start new habits that are more in line with our values. Often the behavior is quite automatic so when we become more aware of it, we are more likely to adapt that behavior.


People often slip into compliance mode, which is not always that productive. Many people in teams can see dysfunction and breakdown in communication, but if they believe they can't change it, they will end up either leaving or quietly suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. If there is a culture of ongoing inquiry, each person will feel safer to have a say and together resolve any issues that may come up. When a workplace hires someone in a leadership role and that person has adopted some resourcefulness behaviours, this can kill the team dynamics and, in some cases, kill the business. A happy team led by a dynamic and flexible leader who has the ability to listen and address issues in a proactive way is an asset worth cultivating. That is where understanding how to address behavior is key to any successful workforce.

Warrant of fitness for your business

This involves identifying areas within the culture of the workplace that may be causing ongoing issues. This is done through interviews with all levels of management and staff. 

All information gathered is confidential and used to design strategies that will help improve the emotional culture, lower stress and anxiety and raise productivity in the workplace. Contact me to discuss your needs

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What is Motivational Interviewing?

MI is a counselling tool that has been used to in addiction work, helping the counsellor ask open-ended questions that help the client self-realise. Asking very relevant questions reduces the risk of creating resistance in the client. motivational interviewing (MI) covers the importance of tone of your voice, so you ask in a non-judgmental manner, staying curious and engaged. It is also crucial to understand how to summarise what they have said in a non-judgmental way. If you are able to understand where that person is at with their mind-set, then you can more successfully understand them and help them help themselves. I find this is a great tool to help team leaders and managers keep in touch with what is happening with their staff. It is extremely common to find that people in leadership positions try to fix a situation by telling their staff how to go about it, and accidentally create a disconnect whereby the staff feel undermined and undervalued. I have adapted some workshops that I run with both leadership teams and sales staff to teach them how they can communicate with each other in a non-judgmental way. Book your session today!

Clinical supervision
Life coaching

This is where I use a number of tools to help coach people through identifying and resolving issues. This may include work related or personal issues. 



Clinical supervision

This is one to one coaching support, helping managers take issues to a safe place outside the working environment and understand their emotional triggers in a safe way. This is solution-based support. 


Contact me...

Mediation support

This is in-house support for anyone dealing with conflict in the workplace who needs help to have a voice and resolve these conflicts. Have a look at some of the mind training workshops I offer 



Please send me an email to discuss your individual needs
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