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Weight managment
getting motivated to loss weight

Many of my clients are seeking help with their motivation to lose weight. Many of these people have been through many weight loss courses and have put the weight back on and then struggled to regain focus.

What I have observed

I have learnt that the key to being successful with anything including weight loss is that person's inner belief about how they see themselves. For example; if they are carrying around a lot of weight then they think in a way that creates a lifestyle which then continues to keep them stuck in that weight trap. If they start to think like a slim and trim person they begin to activate change and begin to act like the way they would like to feel.


The weight is often just a side effect of your own emotions. When we start to think in a different way we do different things. When you focus on the issue and not on the solution you only give your energy away and create more and more of what you don't want. So, start to focus on the solution, start to see yourself in your mind being successful. Think about how you would feel in the most positive way, imagine in your mind the kind of conversation you would be having about yourself when you see your refection in the mirror. See yourself in your imagination becoming more active - like going for a walk to a beautiful place and how wonderful that would feel. See yourself eating foods that are alive with energy. Imagine yourself trying on new clothes and see in your mind the size that you become. See how satisfying it is to be able to fit these new clothes and feel fantastic.

Shift your mind and your body follows

Actions are always a result of the messages that we are sending out emotionally. Many people feel trapped in their weight issues. I find that they don't believe they will be able to be slim and trim, and that they struggle with themselves in so many ways. With the help of hypnotherapy they can begin to plant new ideas, setting them free to achieve their goals.

As many of you know, weight loss is a gradual process, but that doesn't mean that you can't start to feel better about your body right away. After all, your body is amazing and it is working all the time helping you to stay alive.

Be you own best friend and cheer leader

When was that last time you thanked you body for doing such an amazing job? When you start to focus on the positive things in your body you instantly send a healing energy through your body. And when you focus on what you feel grateful for you move into your day with an attitude of gratitude. And the things you want to achieve in your life will then happen with ease. 


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