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Quitting smoking
What I cover with you over three sessions

We go through your triggers and prepare a quit plan that will work for you and go over quitting tips covering great ways of dealing with stress. I explain more fully the three parts of the addiction, covering relapse prevention to help you to stay smoke free. I incorporate both NLP & Hypnotherapy to reinforce the changes that you want. You get all your sessions recorded so you can listen to the recording later as an MP3 download.

I feel passionate about helping people to quit smoking. I was a smoker once myself and have been smoke free now for years. I have a special interest in helping people make it through their quitting. I worked for the Quit Line in New Zealand for nine years helping smokers through telephone support and using Nicotine replacement therapy. I believe that anyone that wants to quit smoking can with the right help. I have been trained in motivational interviewing which is something that I bring to my own unique style of therapy. I understand how a smoker thinks and this helps me to combine a number of tools that can help you break free from the habit of smoking forever. I have helped thousands of smokers on their journey to quitting.


I like to see smokers for at least three sessions. The fist session is 90 mins and the other sessions last one hour; they quit on the first session and the other two sessions are there to help them keep building and fine-tune the way they see themselves as a non-smoker. After the first session you will go away with some tools to use which help to create that new behaviour. Everyone learns at a different speed so during that first hour I do my best to cover everything. Your session would be recorded mp3, which you will be able to download. I normally recommend listening to the recording everyday for the following week to reinforce that new learning. When you quit smoking it is important to understand that you need to keep a positive attitude.

Looking at your environment and surroundings is important to help with the quitting process.

This is an audio podcast talking about quitting smoking using hypnotherapy

Meredith McCarthy talks about the three parts to the addition and how hypnotherapy can help you to get the mind set for success. This is a 12 min talk on quitting smoking, so if you are thinking of getting some help to quit, this is a good one to listen to.

My top 14 personal tips for quitting

  1. Make your home and car smoke free.

  2. Set a date to start the process and a date which you aim to be smoke free by.

  3. Let people know how they can support you.

  4. Become aware of your triggers e.g. emotions, habits, and physical cravings.

  5. Start a smoking diary. Think about each of the times you feel you need to light up so you know what you are going to do instead.

  6. Say 'goodbye' to the cigarettes get them out of your space.

  7. Get active. Exercise is a natural way of helping you deal with stress.

  8. Remember to breathe. Deep breathing helps to oxygenate your body try taking slow deep breaths. Instead of having a cigarette break, have a breathing break.

  9. Think like a non-smoker. Every time you get a memory trigger that sets off a craving think about what your body really wants. Maybe it is time for a glass of water, or a sit down, or a walk to the garden to have a rest from what you may be doing.

  10. Every time you would normally have a cigarette is an opportunity to remind yourself about what you are gaining by being smoke-free. eg "If I don't smoke I will have more energy to do the things I enjoy. I have more money to travel or spend in other ways that benefit me."

  11. Use your imagination. In your mind do a dress rehearsal. Go through different situations, think about what you are gaining because you are now smoke-free and how happy that makes you feel, how nice it is to come home at the end of the day knowing that you are proud of yourself that you have not even had a puff.

  12. Shift your mind and your body follows, When you think about something in a positive way you are in a better place to make positive choices.

  13. Shift your body and your mind follows, If you sit somewhere different and do different things you begin to have different conversations with yourself.

  14. Use hypnotherapy or meditation recordings to help you reinforce the decision that you have made to be smoke-free.

"I came to Meredith to stop smoking - and ended up with so much more. Smoking was a big deal in my life, and with Meredith's help being able to stop smoking turned out to be easy. What Meredith also gave me was happiness - the indescribable happiness of good things happening every day, no matter what!"  My genuine thanks to you. The change in my attitude and happiness levels have been very noticeable to my workmates, and I find myself smiling - just because!


Listen to your dreams.
They are a reflection of who you are and what you need.

If you would like help on your journey please phone me on 027 699 3950  or you can book online to make you appointment.

Couple at Home

I also offer

One-on-one coaching sessions, smoke free groups or retreats, to help people overcome their smoking addiction.

“I really enjoyed Meredith's presentation on 'Smoking Cessation' She has an easy natural charm that instantly warms you to her. Her teaching is informative and she offers a depth of knowledge gleaned from her many years as a skilled therapist. You get the distinct feeling that she really cares about people and it clearly shows in the way she presents herself and the information.”


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