Relationship coaching

 Relationship coaching

These are 5 keys that form the glue of a healthy loving relationship
  1. Spending quality time together without distractions.

  2. Gift giving, showing that you have been thinking about them and giving a gift that is a reflection of how much you understand what your partner would enjoy receiving as a gift.

  3. Touching in a gentle and loving way, holding hands stoking their face, playing with their hair and hugs.

  4. Communication by really listening to each other.

  5. Doing things for each other to help out, being of service.


Communication coaching

I do a lot of work with couples and when it comes to understanding how to effectively communicate. I enjoy teaching couples the tools that can help them to create a safe way of bringing up sensitive topics that need to be resolved. I find that when emotions get involved this can often cloud a couples ability to really understand each other and form a healthy relationship based on trust and understanding. Coming in for a couple of coaching sessions can make such a difference in your confidence to communicate in a more effective way. We also explore your love language and help you both to work out ways to the action steps that may be necessary for you to build up a loving nurturing atmosphere within your relationship.



Sometimes when people have been through a rough and rocky relationship and feel fearful of getting hurt again and this can cause their fear based thoughts to sabotage the potential of a positive encounter with a future partner. If you are ready to put your best foot forward, it can help to close those emotional doors of the past and reset your emotional cumpas to welcome love into your life. It is normal to feel a little nervous when embarking on a date so it is also crucial that you have a game plan. As a Registered clinical hypnotherapist have had over 25 years experience. I am the current president of the New Zealand Association of Clinical Hypnotherapists (NZAPH) have been coaching people in the art of engaging positive self talk and working with understanding the art of effective communication and body language through both private sessions, workshops and retreats helping to teach people how to be at their best and manifest their dreams. Do you want to create an emotional advantage and be confident when embarking on your new romance? What is your love language? Do you need to put the past in the past and feel free to move forward and create the loving relationship that you dream of? Then this may be just what you are looking for.


Be the change you wish to see.