Welcome, I enjoy working with people to bring out the best in them. I am passionate about teaching people just like you to have more harmony and balance in life.
One of my final paintings for the #exhib
One of my final paintings for the #exhib

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Almost done just need to add a few more
Almost done just need to add a few more

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Meredith McCarthy Life coaching
Meredith McCarthy Life coaching

wellington life coach Meredith McCarthy this is me in Thailand at one of the monuments

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One of my final paintings for the #exhib
One of my final paintings for the #exhib

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Every thought is like a ripple in a pond with the ability to transform how you think, feel and act. I love helping my clients through the art of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Meditation and Reiki, guiding them through change in an empowering and positive way.


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Please go to the online booking options to make you appointment with me. I look forward to working with you.

Engage your wisdom using hypnosis, NLP and Yoga

I help my clients work with their addictions but also anxiety, depression, childbirth, pain management, weight management and more. As a Wellington Hypnotherapist and life coach, Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master Teacher one of my greatest passions in life is helping people understand what motivates them and how to create the life that they want emotionally and physically.


If you want to change but don't know how, that is where Hypno-coaching is a wonderful way of helping you to gain more clarity about what you want and then achieve those goals more rapidly. I help guide people through that process of change.

I enjoy helping people understand how to engage their own wisdom and move away from the beliefs that may have been restricting them in their pursuit of happiness. I work with all ages including children and teenagers, over the years I have seen how powerful hypnosis can be, helping people with all sorts of issues. I love the fact that I am in a field of therapy that truly works. My Wellington hypnotherapy clinic is located in the heart of Wellington and I also have a space in Petone that I see clients every Monday.


"I feel like a better version of myself. Totally aware and open to everything. Learning the sky is the limit and I possess everything I will ever require to achieve whatever I want. Meredith what a gift you have.Totally mind - blowing." Wendy


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Hypnotherapy and NLP

By using Hypnotherapy and NLP I help clients to identify what they really want and begin to build a life plan that allows them to be at their best by exploring some of the belief systems they have and developing new and more supportive ones.


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Are you surviving but not thriving and you realise that feeling this way is not good enough anymore? This is an opportunity to check in with yourself. You can start working on resolving issues that may be causing you stress or stopping you from feeling like the best version of yourself.

Identify internal self sabotage

I help clients to identify the internal self sabotage they are creating and through that awareness help them to shift that inner dialogue to become more focused and empowered. They go from just surviving to thriving by engaging these powerful tools. When you change the way you think about something you will change the way you react to it.


Personal/ Professional coaching

If you are ready do upgrade to a better version of you then personal coaching may well be the key that will help you to unlock your natural potential. Do you deserve the best that life has to offer?

Relationship coaching

Understand how you can reconnect in a healthy way through communication and other love language tools.

You have the power to make a positive impact in this life, all you need to do is decide to do this, and that is where you begin, at the beginning, and every moment is a beginning, every moment has the potential to be positive.


Do you want to feel motivated, so you can achieve your goals, and become empowered in everything you do? I like helping people like you, to design a life that brings, happiness and fulfillment that you deserve. Find out more about what I see people experience here.

Why aim for average when you can achieve excellence!


My top nine tips for handling stress

Stress at Christmas is often a mindset that many of us settle for we can often give our power away. What is the story that you are telling yourself and others is it a story of stress? I teach my clients about looking at their reality filters there are many ways you can see the same situation and it is always up to you how you choose to spin your story around the things that you experience. Please click here to read more... My top nine tips for handling stress

Challenge your bubble of reality!
  • I can custom design mind training workshops to suit your organisational needs.

  • I offer you tools that encourage positive holistic environments.

  • Learning the art of effective communication that switches off negative behaviour and switches on resourceful behaviour is an essential key to having a successful outcome.


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Listen to your truth that is deep within you
Walk through each day as if it were your last showing gratitude to all living things
Trust in your unique journey
Be a conscious creator in your life
Honour the past for the wisdom that it has shown you
Speak your truth in a loving peaceful way

Author: Meredith McCarthy

24 Johnston street, Level 4, Suit 10, Wellington | info@meredithmccarthy.com | 027 699 3950