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Using hypnosis in child birth

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Over the years I have seen a number of woman that want to make the experience of having a child a positive one. Often there are misunderstandings about how hypnosis could help in this situation. When I was a student of hypnotherapy we were told that when woman used self hypnosis in child labor that it helps the mother to relax and therefore often the time from the first contractions to the delivery is often shortened. I remember when I would start working with expectant mothers that often they had come in due to having a difficult labor in the past and they wanted help to get into a better head space so that this time around it could be something to look forward to.

When you use hypnosis it is all in the way you plant each suggestion. When we can picture in our mind the idea of trusting your body and turning into each contraction as the cervix opens it is like a flower that is opening perfectly in every way, and when you get the sensation to push your body and mind are working together to guide baby into the world as naturally as the river knows how to go in the right direction. I often use these metaphors to help woman to reinforce this natural process. Often woman to use hypnosis to turn down the sensations through their labor. I will have a chat to them about letting the people that are going to be helping them to understand how they can support them by substituting the word pain to sensation. and thinking about how they want to use music aromatherapy or any other things that will help them to create a positive relaxed environment. Just the other day one of my clients sent a picture of her new son! I love that I can be part of the journey at this very special time.

The most important part of self hypnosis it feeling a sense of power, that you can help yourself to go into a positive state of mind and to dress rehearse success and do this a number of times so that when the time comes you feel ready! Online bookings with Meredith

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