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Embracing change

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Often people get scared of change and stay in very uncomfortable situations way longer than they need to. Change is part of the human experience and having the courage to embrace change is something that we can all achieve. Whether it is a small or a big change people need to have faith that whatever comes next they can adapt to it and maybe even enjoy life more as a reward for that leap of faith. None of us can guarantee that our plains will work out as we intended but often that is not the point of the journey, it is really about discovery. We are all born curious and this curiosity is part of human nature, this is what is driving us unconsciously to move through life. Every day is a new day that has yet to be experienced and it is our job to explore the possibilities of each new day. What can stop us from receiving the day with joy and excitement is often because deep down we feel scared of change. We fear the unknown the irony is whether we like it or not change is happening all around us and eventually we will be forced to change and adapt anyway. So I invite you to think about being the designer of the change that you wish to experience. Take a moment out and start to think about what you really desire what gives you joy, start to tune into what life has to offer and how you want to experience life. I invite you to write your vision down on a peace of paper make it really clear. Look at where you want to begin and map out a plan of action scheduled those steps into your diary make a date with destiny, this is how you can begin to embrace the changes you wish to see and experience. If you notice your negative voice starting up the yes but speech, remind yourself the you have the power to change and change is normal! Begin to put the past excuses in the past by stating "I used to" and reinforcing the new position that you want winning but saying "now I am starting to happily embrace this change", when you do this you are helping to rewire your brain and collapse the old limiting patterns of belief and replacing them with new patterns of thinking and behaving. Have fun let me know how you go! Online bookings with Meredith.

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