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My Five keys to creating a manifestation mindset

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

I invite you to remember some of those moments where a thought popped into your head, seemingly out of nowhere, and planted a seed of perhaps the feeling of excitement or ambition towards an action you felt was worthwhile accomplishing. Everyone can spark inspiration within themselves and within others. However, frequently we find within our busy lives that we forget to pay attention to some of those wonderful ideas that magically appear. As a hypnotherapist I am constantly coaching people to get clear about what it is that they want to achieve. Through a series of questions my clients begin to unpack what that looks like, what that sounds like, what that feels like for them. There are three things that you can do to begin to manifest your dreams into realities. The first step is to imagine what it is that we want. The second step is to imagine what it would be like having it right now. The third step is to add emotion to it. The magical part is the emotion. Everything that we get emotionally connected to we give energy to. We amplify It. Some people are very good at the procrastination mindset. Their language can often be the reason why they reinforce the inability to manifest what they want. As a hypnotherapist one of the things that I like to teach my clients is the importance of the narrative in ourselves of the ‘Doing story’. Rather than the ‘Hope I don’t’ or, ‘I can’t story’. Your words count! Your words are magic. They are the magic that allows you to achieve the things that you want to achieve. When I was little I remember watching a movie where all the lady’s were walking around in beautiful ball gowns. I fell in love with the idea of having my own dress that looked like theirs. That sparked excitement in my heart, and in my mind. It motivated me so much that I decided to learn how to sew. My first dress may not have looked spectacular but it was made out of passion, desire and excitement! This was to be one of many things that I would then go on and make from that space of excitement. Many of you may know that I love to paint. The same energy comes when I see a vision in my head of what it is that I would like to paint. I can see it clearly in my mind. It is if I am there walking around the gallery, seeing these works of art already hanging on all the walls and the feeling of satisfaction having created it. The rest comes very easily to me it’s as if they’ve already been created energetically. That leaves only one thing and that is to take action, and they can come to life! Often this is the big difference between people who would like to achieve something, and people who fall short of achieving something. The internal belief that you can do something and your willingness to action that dream is a key. What if you begin to work on your vision? In doing so the excitement of having that vision realised will mean all that's left to do is action it. This will allow you to graduate from being a dreamer to a successful master of manifestation! This is where your hypnotic story is your key! How do we begin to manifest? We need to start dreaming and paying attention to the dreams that excite us the most! Just spending time imagining all the steps that you may need to take and getting emotionally excited about it can help to spark a commitment to take action. Here is a quick breakdown on these five keys that will help you to manifest your dreams. 1. Notice the dreams that excite you the most. 2. Imagine you already have that dream realised. 3. Get emotional about it. 4. Take action while the excitement is peaking. 5. Create a habit of action and celebrate the small steps, feed the emotion of success. While you’re still excited about an idea the is the time to action that idea, if you don’t action it the window of opportunity will often close, trust the universal timing. There are going to be many things that feel like great ideas, and then we get busy and we never action them. I would like to invite you from this moment on to write down your great ideas and visit them on purpose daily. Think about the things that still spark joy or excitement in you and prioritise them. Commit to doing one thing, one action that will help you to achieve that goal. Often goals take time like a great garden takes time to grow into something amazing. This means that over that period of time between planting that seed of intention we need to keep acknowledging even the smallest little steps, and be a cheerleader to ourselves. I often talk about being your own best friend, or being a positive parent, or an inner cheerleader as you walk through the small little shifts and changes that may need to be made so that you can be successful.

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