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Surviving the emotional roller coaster of Covid-19 and beyond

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

The first thing I would like to acknowledge is the stress that the world is under and how much anxiety this can cause when our livelihoods and health are at risk. It’s even more important that we look after our emotional health. Like many disruptions it forces us to stop and re-look at what we do next. Many of us live life on autopilot, so when all of humanity are forced to stop and do things in another way this can be a fantastic opportunity to re-think how we are doing life, to look at our values and really take this time to work on the relationship that we are having with ourselves and the world around us. How many times have you been too busy to stop and do this kind of mind development. If you have never meditated then this is the perfect time when you could start your meditation practice. If you where always wanting to find ways of reducing stress then a solid meditation practice can be a great way of doing this.

1. The first step is setting aside 20mins in the morning and 20 mins in the evening. Sit comfortably avoid laying down, it’s too easy to fall asleep! Setting up a special area when you’re not going to be disturbed. 2. When you begin it can be helpful to close your eyes and start by progressively relaxing your body in case you are holding any micro tension. Once you have done this you simply start by focusing on your breath feeling the coolness of the inhalation and the warmth of the exhalation. 3. As you inhale count 1,1,1,1,1 for the entire inhalation as you exhale count 2,2,2,2 for the entire exhalation keep doing this up to the count of 8 and then start back at one cycling through from 1 to 8 for 20 mins. The counting is in your mind. 4. Keep your mind focused on the touching point of your breath through your nostrils. This is a very easy and simple way of helping to train your mind. During the practice if your mind wanders off that is normal, just simply call your mind back to the task gently, non judgmentally.

Mindfulness is not just something new and trendy, but a very ancient practice and understanding of how we can react to our world in a calm way can be freeing. You do not need to be religious to practice this, anyone can benefit from meditation. Recent studies have shown that mindfulness can improve the way our mind reacts to stress. In our modern world we can be triggering the stress response in our body so we feel continuously attacked. Mindfulness training helps us to reset our central nervous system so we can calmly deal with what is happening around us. On that note you are in charge of your story and your thoughts can trigger your emotions. This is a really great opportunity play a game of where you focus your mind, look for the treasure that is within you and all around you, begin to practice gratitude, love and compassion. Allow your positive thoughts be the treasure that helps you be the amazing human that you already are!

I have decided to give away a MP3 download of a 23 min meditation to guide you through another exercise to help you to set up a word that you would like to feel emotionally. Online bookings with Meredith

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