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Taming the mind monster

Many of my clients want help to over come stress and anxiety and often the very thing that is causing them to feel this way is the story that they are building in their head. It is very normal to worry about things however often we end up doing overtime with those worry thoughts and they become grossly exaggerated, often not even true just fears growing within the mind. If left unedited can feel very real and get out of control causing the stress and anxiety cycle. Many of us end up imagining dealing with stress scenarios that are never going to happen, but emotionally we begin to feel as if our thoughts are real. It is helpful to stop and ask ourselves a simple question, "Is this thought fact or fiction?" If you think it is fact check in and ask "how do I know this to be true?" You may discover that you have been grossly over exaggerating you inner story and the mind monster has been tricking you into believing the story that you have been growing is true. One way to foster a more logical state of mind is to practice the relaxation response which is a simple way of breathing diagrammatically for 5 mins to relax your central nerviness system helping you create a better head space so when you look at the situation from a calmer state of mind you will be able to work through solutions and, maybe even ask yourself what do I want to learn from this? Imagine in your mind a positive outcome and the steps that you could take to help you to achieve things. Online bookings with Meredith.

Create your positive mindset by conecting to your wisdom

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