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Using hypnotherapy to build the ultimate sports mindset.

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Are you ready to get to the next level in your performance? Creating a winning mindset can be a game changer. Many people don’t realise how their mind can literally trip them over, causing them to fall short of their ideal physical fitness goals, and mental clarity.

We have this incredible magical mind but, sometimes we can be accidentally reinforcing the fear more than we want to, fear can be debilitating if it takes hold.

Every thought will affect how your body performs, the clearer you are about the thoughts you want winning, the easier it is to achieve excellence. However to get really good at this, sometimes people need a little bit of help to get on top of the way their mind is thinking. That’s where Hypnotherapy can really help to build the ultimate sports mindset.

As a Hypnotherapist with nearly 29 years experience, I’ve dealt with many elite athletes over the years, helping them to get better at winning the mental game in their mind. Winning on the inside helps the body to turn up and really win in real life. Internal attitude is everything!

Understanding the rules of the mind can be quite tricky to get right. Hypnotherapists understand the power of suggestion and I really enjoy teaching people to get those suggestions right. The strongest emotion wins, so I love coaching people to get excited about the future and really build that strong positive mindset. I use hypnotherapy to reinforce this positive message.

I had a client who competed in the around Taupo cycle ride here in New Zealand and she really wanted to work on her mental stamina. The last time she had competed in that event she had found it really mentally challenging, when she got to the uphill sections all she could remember was how much she dreaded that part of the ride, feeling like time was just standing still. However after the hypnotherapy sessions she said it made such a big difference, her mind was really ready to have fun and she did! When she finished the race she said that time just flew by this time and she really enjoyed every part of the day! The biggest thing that people can do is activate there emotional winning state of mind, and do a positive powerful mental dress rehearsal of how they want things to turn out.

Avoiding the hope I don’t speech and sticking to saying”I going to be amazing, I have got this” in a positive affirming way, using positive words and only dress rehearsing success only.

This is part of how I help clients succeed. So if you are struggling with your mindset maybe it’s time to give hypnotherapy a go!

I love helping clients be their best self. For more information visit

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